Galleries are wonderful places, special places, I love those big white cubes…

Busy not missing Vyner Street last Saturday

Busy not missing Vyner Street last Saturday

So where were we before I was so rudely interrupted? Are the five minutes over yet? “Are you missing it yet?” she asked. Well for the first post-Vyner Street weekend I was busy down underground in that car park in Cavendish Square, busy installing work… well not that busy, it didn’t take too long, I was only installing mine, for once I didn’t need to worry about everyone else, about people being late because their dog had eaten their painting or the bus was the wrong colour or any of the other reasons people regularly come up with for nor being able to make it on installation day . My first weekend off in over three years, did I miss Vyner Street? Hell no! Didn’t miss it one little bit, we loved it, time was up though, like we already said, we were tired of Vyner Street and Vyner Street tired of us.  I spent a glorious Saturday in a deck chair not missing a thing…. The car park was an exciting week, it was, as Martin Sexton put it, “a genuine feeling of esprit de corps or morale amongst us”. I wrote about the car park and We Could Not Agree over on the Organ pages (I write far more over on the Organ pages than I do here on this Cultivate page). We Could Not Agree was exciting, would have been good to have been able to get a few of the Cultivate family of artists in there, felt a little bad about others not being there, like I had abandoned them or something. The car park was exciting, it kept me well away from any kind of notion of missing anything, here’s the video Marina made when we got home after the opening night…


Grace Aza-Selinger

Grace Aza-Selinger  – catch her on the corner down Vyner Street…

I haven’t missed Vyner Street one bit, I haven’t been there since we vacated the corner, I wish the new occupants well, they’re doing things a slightly different way, we wish them every success as the skate around their freshly painted floor, looks like they have some interesting paintings on those ragged walls. All looks a little formal and not sure about the name they’ve chosen but hey, what’s a name got to do with anything  Have a brilliant time showing your art on that special corner.  Vyner Street has problems right now, too many people lining up to kick at it, Vyner Street is special, it needs saving, it needs celebrating, it needs rescuing from the properly developers and those who masquerade as friends of the street while they plot destructive developments and close spaces down. Enough of that, go treasure the street and the corner while you can, go explore Street Corner Gallery (as the space is now called), they’re open now, they have a first late night on November First Thursday, they’re a collective of artists doing themselves, we’re pleased to see them doing it. Grace Aza Selinger is one of the artists involved in the street corner collective, that’s one of her acrylic on canvas pieces up there, go find out more down Vyner Street..

Have we missed it? Starting to get that itch, not missing the street, starting to miss the buzz of organising a show, selecting artists, preparing my own work, throwing ideas at Emma and watching her duck before she throws one back at me.  Started work on one or two things that we’ll keep to ourselves for now, started investigating spaces we like, been out of the loop in terms of finding places for shows for the last three years. Gawd, you people who own or control the art spaces have grown even more greedy in terms of the ridiculously outrageous sums you are demanding in terms of rent. Outrageous demands in terms of rent was one of the factors that drove us to take on our own space in the first place, the monthly rent bill on our space was less than what the gallery over the street was asking for just one week. We had (stupidly) expected a bit of reality might have hit home since we last checked things out three years ago, I mean these East London galleries that only ever open when someone shells out the money to hire them aren’t open now as much as they once were are they? So started checking out spaces, rather like the Hoxton Arch, saw them posting away on social media, the amount of posting they were doing suggested an almost desperate need to have someone hire their space, dropped them an e.mail, outrageous reply, three thousand for five days, VAT on top of that, ridiculous reply! Annoyed me so much, I took to social media myself. Provoked an interesting response that demanded a  defending of galleries. The exchange is down there, I expect it is still going on on Social media…

So anyway, are we missing it? Starting to.  Watch this space…..  (SW)


Galleries -wonderful places….


Meanwhile on social media…..

It has to be said that some of these hire prices for gallery space that London spaces ask are just unrealistically ridiculous and short-sighted in their greed, no wonder your spaces are always closed! Three grand (plus Vat) for five days, your space ain’t that good…
  • Julia Maddison FOR FUCK’S SAKE!
  • Sean Worrall three bags of sand (plus 20% to the taxman) for a moldy railway arch in an East London back street and they wonder why no one wants to hire it!
  • Julia Maddison I think I will find my own railway arch, and do without the frills (such as a door, arrogant front of house staff and bad wine)
  • Sean Worrall oh, we have to bring the bad wine ourselves
  • Julia Maddison That really is adding insult to injury
  • Julia Maddison The inside of my dwelling is somewhat akin to a damp railway arch; perhaps I shall have my solo show here. No need to get out of bed. The toilet facilities are rather rum though.
  • Sean Worrall stay in bed for your show, excellent…..
  • Julia Maddison Probably safer all round
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  • Sean Worrall so where are the decent gallery spaces and such that aren’t going to take the piss, I’m out of the loop, we went to hire a gallery space in Vyner Street three years ago for a one off event, got so annoyed by the prices that we ended up renting a space full time and paying a monthly rent that was far less that the weekly hire the space we went to look at was asking… seems in those three years space hire has become even more outrageously greedy.
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  • Sean Worrall Your spaces aren’t being hired any more, there might just be a good reason why!
  • Jacqui Russell ahhh but….. If they ask such inflated hire prices some fool will pay it and keep them in penthouse flats etc…….
  • Sean Worrall not these days, they could find the fools, or the people that didn’t know any better two years ago, but these spaces are closed more often than they’re open now
  • Jacqui Russell yep but they work on the if we charge huge sums we get more revenue… not thinking that a lower rent would result in more usage of the space…. greed works in strange ways
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  • Poulomi Usurp Desai It is bad, however, artists also only want to show in central, hackney, peckham etc.. We run this – the only artist space in Harrow and don’t charge crazy prices – in fact we are used to working with artists to make things happen (tough right now for usso having to charge but we are surviving). Check it and let me know if you want to visit.
  • Sean Worrall well true, yes, we artists like to show in the places where people go to see art or where there’s a cluster of spaces and places for people to explore, that was the beauty of Vyner Street or doing something within a stone throw of other galleries. When I go out to look at galleries, I like to go to more than one… then again always good to go to new places .I’m busy sorting out a show in a village in north Wales right now.. thanks for the info Poulomi
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  • Pam Garratt Try the Alaska Building in Bermondsey….I use to have offices there…great space…might be worth a shot…
  • Pam Garratt How many SQM do you need ?
  • Sean Worrall open minded about that Pam, we plan a number of Cultivate and solos/small group events in different spaces and places, when we find the right space we’ll fit in the show rather than looking for a space to fit in an idea if you see what I mean. Could be a giant white cube, could be a telephone box…
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  • Pam Garratt How long will you need it for ?
  • Sean Worrall same answer Pam, could be a day, could be a month….
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  • Pam Garratt There are so many empty shops right now…loads down The Kings
  • Pam Garratt Road…its criminal that they can give it at a peppercorn rent…or even free !!
  • Sean Worrall business rates are usually the killer in London on empty shops….
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  • Pam Garratt And offices…normally higher then the actual rent….criminal governments …makes me sick..
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  • SigerGallery London There is a space in the building of rooftop cinema . In peckham. Nears franks bar .. Not sure how much it is though ..
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  • SigerGallery London There is also Chelsea library .. But that’s really only .. Wire system ..
  • Sean Worrall there’s spaces everywhere…. reasonable spaces that don’t charge an arm and a leg and leave you feeling exploited is a different matter though….
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  • Vanya Balogh is that all? there are spaces going at 3000£ a day…for example ex White Cube on Hoxton Square costs that much
  • Sean Worrall oh yes, there are places asking for far more, bigger spaces with bigger reputations and maybe better locations, they’re all over priced and greedy and it is rather looking like conventional art galleries are not a serious option in terms of art events…. car parks and old laundries and anywhere besides a gallery….
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  • Teri Tyndall use the city……..dont comply with the art world bollox……isnt that walls are for………mek it more imteresting…….who needs a gallery……imagination is the place x
  • Sean Worrall not all art is for the streets Teri, some of is, some of it should always be, a lot of mine is, but sometimes it has to be on gallery walls, and no, that isn’t art world bollox and it isn’t complying… its cultivating…. who needs a gallery? Well most of the so called street artists seem to need one these days!
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  • Teri Tyndall: no disrespect sean……..but galleries make it a sellout…..not everyone who enjoys art…….can pay those prices or be subjected to feeling like they dont belong there…….the streets are non discriminatory ……..fact anyone can look , enjoy n take a picture n share the artists creativity….galleries are very different……fact… matter… open u try to make them…….they still only attract certain types of people….no im not ignorant ……i have been to viewings n shows but sadly i never felt welcome……n im sure i just dont speak for myself !!!!!
  • Sean Worrall Frankly that’s bulshit and yes it is disrespectful, clearly you missed out on the last three years of Cultivate, or couldn’t be bothered or whatever. As for art on the street, most of the wall spaces are controlled curated and all about who you know, closed off to most of us. Actually your statement that “Galleries make it a sellout” makes any other argument you put forward here not worth bothering with or responding to.
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  • Teri Tyndall WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT YOUR VIEW N I GOT MINE!!!!!!!!
  • Sean Worrall And frankly you don’t appear to know much about you’re what you’re talking about, who we are or what we’re about. And I must say most of what so called Street art has to offer seems pretty conformist and rather boring these days, well street art in London anyway ….
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  • Sean Worrall So where were we before I was so rudely interrupted? Galleries are wonderful places, special places, I love those big white cubes, paintings lit properly so they can be explored peacefully, spaces where people can gather to do nothing else other than (hopefully) enjoy art, explore art that people have poured their heart, soul and so much more in to, places where ANYONE can escape in to and experience beauty, turmoil and everything else that comes with the excitement of art. Of course there’s the streets as well, of course there are walls to paint on, places to leave paintings, but a good art gallery is something special, something to be treasured, celebrated, fought for. Galleries should come in all shapes and sizes, some should be like Cultivate was during the Vyner Street period, some should be like the peaceful reverential big white cubes, some should be in caravans or phone boxes or church crypts, some should be purpose built celebrations of paint and colour – they should ALL make you feel welcome (so many don’t), they should all be there for everyone, they shouldn’t make so many of us feel so awkwardly unwelcome. I love art galleries, I love going to art galleries, I love showing my art in art galleries, I love showing other people’s work in galleries, sharing and showing other people’s work excites me. Running Cultivate, Vyner Street for three years was (mostly) brilliant, yes it was time for that to end but I can’t wait to get going again, to hang a show, to share some art… galleries are wonderful places, galleries should be celebrated, art should be celebrated, art galleries are wonderful places.
    Art galleries, wonderful places...

    Art galleries, wonderful places…

FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: The final Vyner Street weekend and an album of First Thursday images

firstoct27FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT:: From September 1st 2011 until October 5th 2014, the space and idea known as Cultivate operated on a corner on Vyner Street (Bethnal Green, East London).

The space was operated as a rather full-on artist-run challenge of a gallery. The sometimes rewarding, sometimes infuriating space was run, on a daily basis, by two artists, Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey. A constant never-closed run of some 112 events, group shows, solo shows and more, all over a non-stop period of thirty seven very active open-door months. We think we can feel rather pleased with what we achieved.

firstoct37Three and a bit years was more than enough for us and for the street. On October 5th 2014 Cultivate left Vyner Street, we shall be taking the idea to new spaces and places. The corner space in Vyner Street has now been renamed and taken over by a new group of artists – we wish them well (we believe they will be open this Thursday morning and keeping the same hours as we did).

More Cultivation soon, watch the website and various Social media feeds, both Emma and I are busy painting this week, more organising in a bit, we shall be back in five minutes. We thank all who have been involved, see you soon.  (Sean, Emma)



Sunday evening, 5th October:  Clearing out, mustn’t forget the kettle…. Big big thanks to everyone who came along to Vyner Street this afternoon, thanks to everyone who came and hung out, collected work, came armed with Guinness, bought art, bought my art and generally dropped by for the final day today. Big thanks to all the artists, the real locals, everyone who’s supported us and good luck to the new set of artist makers who take over the space this coming week (I thing they plan to open the doors on Thursday morning), hope they enjoy it as much as Emma Harvey artist and I have, been a most excellent three and a bit years, we shall be back with more in five minutes, back with new things, we had a blast and it feels just right to be moving on and evolving it all yet again


Sunday morning, 5th October:  Very last day at Cultivate in terms of Vyner Street then. from tomorrow the space is in the hands of new people and gets a new name and a new way of doing things. Final show ends today, final clear out of all art today, we’re open from 11.30am until 6pm. Last chance to explore the space that has been our home for the last three and a bit years, last chance to grab a slice of art. Lots of bargains today, clear out those painted record sleeves, growth covered packing cases and more, everything must go, come buy a plinth, clear out the print rack, found an old bit of 616 in there yesterday, still got one last Carne Griffiths print, come see what we have EVERYTHING MUST GO TODAY!


Late Saturday evening, 4th October:   Everything Must Go, lots did go today, one final day of Cultivate, Vyner Street this Sunday, lots of art to come and bag, both mine and pieces from others, things in the current I’ll Be Back In Five Minutes show and things left around the place over the last three years. We close for the last time at 6pm this Sunday…. Today was fun

emg_thursdayFriday evening, 3rd October:   EVERYTHING MUST GO: Final weekend at Cultivate then, come clear us out, everything must go (even the plinths), for this final weekend all my (Sean) work (big pieces as well as small) is for sale at just £20 a shot (well besides the pieces that are £1, £5 and such), if £20 is too much make an offer, I imagine I shall be given some pieces away over the weekend. I expect there will be some selling off of work that people have left over the last three years, some bargains from some art stars. By Sunday evening we want an empty gallery for the new people to come fill up on Monday Come explore Cultivate’s corner of Vyner Street for one last time…

All you artists in the current show, please remember all art must leave today or tomorrow, as for the rest of you, I think we’ve said many times that all uncollected work is assumed to be unwanted and will be sold off, given away, recycled or disposed of this weekend…. EVERYTHING MUST GO


Friday morning, 3rd October:  Big big thanks to all who came to the final show last night, we go one for one more weekend, open today (Friday), Saturday and Sunday. All Sean Worrall pieces left in the space are for sale at £20 or less, we have Julia Maddison hand made prints for £5 and £10 we have a room full of art to explore Emma Harvey artist, Bruce Lovelock, Gareth Morgan, Tim Goffe, Joanna Georgiades, Zoe Crosse, Vanya Baloghh, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Monika Tobel and more we’ve got one (now rather rare) Carne Griffiths print left in the space for sale, we clean up the walls paint them and empty the space on Sunday, then hand on to a whole load of new artists who are going to run the space from Monday onwards…. come clear us out, everything must go, one last weekend down Vyner Street

beckroadVery early Morning, 3rd October:  Sold this painting tonight, so we took it on a pilgrimage along Beck Road and the real spirit of the East End and Vyner Street and number 50 Beck Road. A fitting full stop to this chapter of Cultivate and three years down that street

Thursday morning 2nd October:   Looks like a good day for a last ever Cultivate, Vyner Street First Thursday on our rather special corner then. One more Thursday evening and one more weekend down Vyner Street before we hand over the space to the next group of art makers. I expect there shall be six or seven other galleries and spaces open on the street tonight, we have a gallery full of diverse art ready to explore, poke in the corners and you never know what you might find lurking….

And here’s the photo album from the final Cultivate First Thursday down Vyner Street




Dear Vyner Street, we’ve had a great time, it really isn’t you, it’s me, it really is, I’ll be back in five minutes…

Show_CE_FiveMinsSo where were we? On our corner for one more week, Cultivate, Vyner Street, been quite a n affair, it was only going to be a six month fling, nothing serious…. Well no, extremely serious, art is a serious matter, running a gallery is not to be taken lightly, this has always been a serious commitment, always been about walking it and not just talking it (anyone can write a fancy press release, opening the door and being there is the thing that counts So, 112 events, shows, openings, group shows, solo shows and such during Cultivate’s time in Vyner Street. 37 months or just over 3 years, 38 First Thursdays and hundreds and hundreds of artists up on our walls, plinths and such. Less that one week to go now, and then we’ll be back in five minutes with new things in new places, evolving again.

cultivate_vynerOne last show called I’ll Back In Five Minutes, one last show in Vyner Street, not the last Cultivate show, we will be back in five minutes. Three years in Vyner street, I think we’ve had enough of each other now, three and a bit non-stop years is enough isn’t it? Three years, the love affair is over, it isn’t your fault, it really is me, no really, you’re wonderful, I just need a charge, we’re too familiar, we’ve had a great time, we’re getting stale now, you’re a great street, you really are, you’ll find someone else, you don’t need me holding you back, you need to fly, you need new life, we can’t just go on like this, there is no love between us anymore… One last fling for old time’s sake, one last time and off we go, one more First Thursday, one more (dirty) weekend, let’s part on good terms, stay in touch, we’ve had a great time, you’ll always be special, we’ll always have the memories, the scares, it really isn’t you, honestly, its me, it really is.  God, do you remember that time when I dropped that head, or that time we had that big red painting on the wall or when Charley parked his van outside with the light show in it or when the Yeastie Girls took over or when that big… no no, okay we won’t go there, but it was good, we did have some great times… yes, let’s end it here, it feels right, let’s part on good terms, let’s not fight, not like when Nettie left you and stuck the knife in, never liked her for that, you were so good to her, whatever happened to Nettie anyway, she went bust in the West End less than a year later, really? Oh what a shame, she had it coming to her, I’d never treat you like that, you’ve been wonderful, we’ve had a great time, I’ll be back in five minutes, you’ll have lots of new adventures, you’ll soon forget about me…

plyme_juliaThis Thursday October 2nd we shall host our 38th and final First Thursday evening, with a group show (that opened last week, but you knew that already) called I’LL BE BACK IN FIVE MINUTES. The show will until Sunday evening 6pm, usual gallery opening times of 11.30am until 6pm Thursday through to Sunday as well as 6pm until late on Thursday evening.  A group show, we had to end with a group show, group shows are important, group shows are cool, they’re vital, group shows are the life-blood, group shows are where you first saw Tracey or Damien, where you first saw Hunt, where you first saw most artists, don’t come here telling us group shows aren’t cool. Just look at Ashley’s book next to Zoe’s single finger, Tim’s caravan next to Debbie, that mouth next  to that leafheart or that john and Yoko shirt

Three years ago...

Three years ago…


Mia Pfeifer film projection and Something Blue at opening at Cultivate, December 2011

Mia Pfeifer film projection and Something Blue at opening at Cultivate, December 2011

On Monday morning the freshly renamed gallery space will fall in to the hands of a new set of artists led by painter and curator Mathew Tudor. We shall be taking our Cultivate signs with us and cultivating other things in other places, Mr Tudor and his collective will take over the space and hopefully keep art flowing on the corner for the next six months (as long as the properly developers hold off, that threat is still hanging, planning permission is granted, just a case of when now)

Bodies, a group show at Cultivate, June 2012

Bodies, a group show at Cultivate, June 2012Vyner S

ARTIST CALL: I’ll Be Back In Five Minutes…

Show_CE_FiveMinsAnd then… The last ever group show on our corner down Vyner Street will open on September 25th, run until October 5th

I’LL BE BACK IN FIVE MINUTES….. One last cool as flip explosive salon hang of a group show at Cultivate and down the thing we know and love(d) as Vyner Street, one more before it goes bang and we let it all evolve again.

A ten day show to put a full stop on this chapter of our ongoing Cultivate adventure..

I’ll Be Back in Five Minutes will open on Thursday morning 25th September, run for one week The show will include a late opening on October First Thursday evening, one last First Thursday – our 38th First Thursday in an unbroken row. The show will end on Sunday October 5th (anyone want to buy some plinths?)  .

COME JOIN IN, THE LAST CALL FOR ARTISTS, one last chance to be part of one of those legendary First Thursday group shows….

We’ll be back in five minutes – if you wish to be considered, then please contact for more info.

it would be good to have at least one artist we’ve not heard of yet on our walls next week. We’re rather proud of our record over the last three years in terms of our group shows than the platform they have provided…

What next? Watch this space, we’ll be back in five minutes, Vyner Street is only one chapter,  a longer chapter than we expected, only one chapter though…




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WHAT PRICE ART? This weekend at Cultivate the price of a pint or a horse or a house or a cake…


This Thursday and on through the weekend at Cultivate as we continue to evolve and and prepare for big change. I’ll be back in five minutes with more news and exit plans…  For now, this is happening

SEAN WORRALL & Guests – WHAT PRICE ART? An art event at Cultivate, Vyner Street, London, E2.

What price art? An event where you name the price and there is no debate….. An original piece of art for the price of a pint or a cake or a house or a horse or…. What price art?

From Thursday 18th September until Sunday 21st September one half of the ever evolving art space called Cultivate will be devoted to another What Price Art event. The event starts at 11.30am and the gallery is open 11.30am until 6pm from Thursday until Sunday.

For one last time in Vyner Street, Sean Worrall and a number of guests will show a selection of work, all work will be on sale, none of the pieces will be priced. Viewers can name their own price on any of the pieces, there will be no debate, whatever the viewer offers for a piece of work will be the price accepted and the viewer/buyer can take away the piece for the price they wish to pay.

galleryemma2There will be no discussion, no debate, I shall be delighted to see you leaving with a piece of art exchanged for whatever you think is fair or or indeed for a price that that you think you can afford. Original art for everyone who would like a piece.

If you think it too intimidating then please please don’t be, this is a relaxed event, we are happy for you to leave with a piece, and do remember, I have left hundreds of pieces of art out for free this year around places like the Hackney WickED art festival, the Folkestone Fringe, around the streets and canal banks of London, the Liverpool Biennial and beyond, I am happy for you to pay a little (or as much) as you like.

If you don’t want to name a price in the gallery with one of us standing there then fine, we can understand that, instead put your payment in an envelope before hand (or in one of the envelopes provided and we shall take your envelope and not look in the envelope until you have left with your piece of art.

zz_today19Come buy a piece of art for as little as £1 (or less) or as much as £1000 (or more), or just come have a look anyway, we run an art gallery, not a shop!.

The only rule is no more than one piece per person. If you wish to buy a second piece then we will reserve the right to say no.

A percentage of the money made will go towards the evolution of Cultivate, a percentage to St Joseph’s Hospice, you find St Joseph’s around the corner from us in Vyner Street and we believe those who run art spaces, galleries should join in with the community, not take over the community, and yes a percentage will go to the artists (I need to buy fresh paint and maybe some food, paint doesn’t taste nice).

What price art?


We Are Three was an excellent celebration of something that really had….

We Are Three was an excellent celebration of something that really had no right to last three years, or at least had no right to survive against all the odds for three years in Vyner Street. Cultivate was never just about Vyner Street of course, we’ve always made that very clear and this week we find ourselves exploring our options, do we battle on down the street? Do we reinvent and evolve again? Certainly interesting time for us, for galleries and artist-run spaces in East London in general, and, well, watch this space.

Today we want to thank everyone who came along to the opening last Thursday and ate cake, blew up balloons, drank wine and explored the art that is currently on the walls, as well as those who came along over the weekend…

Here’s some photos, expect more news soon… new shows, maybe here, maybe there, or over there, or here… or… we shall tell you when we know, irons are in fires, will we stay or will we go…

We’re in a rush today, no tome to blog, click on a photo to enlarge and run the slide show, more later…. busy times!



aaa_cultevolved_isthreeJust sent out a mail out to those signed up to the gallery mailing list, here’s what it said….


6pm until sometime after 9pm, tonight, Thursday 4th September 2014, Vyner Street, East London, bring yourselves, bring some refreshment,  bring friends, tonight we celebrate

That’s right, we opened our defiant artist-run space right in the middle of Vyner Street, East London on First Thursday, September 2011

Somehow, we made it to a point where we can celebrate Cultivate being three years old…. So tonight, please come join us for a celebration and for an art show called WE ARE THREE…

atoday7WE ARE THREE and we have a gallery full of art in the middle of a street full of art (we expect six other galleries and art spaces to be open in the street tonight as well as other things popping up during the evening (more naked red men covered in honey?)


49 Mowlem Street is the Cultivate building


TONIGHT is a celebration of three years, of non-stop art, of group shows, solo shows, events and of artists doing it our selves, of exciting diversity and proving it can be done without all the artist exploitation we see around us.

TONIGHT is almost certainly our final opening, our final show, we’ve known the building was going ot come down for some time now, several dates have come and gone, this time it really is the end of the line in terms of Cultivate in Vyner Street and We Are Three is almost certainly our very last show in the space  .  Tonight is a celebration though, not a wake


Read loads more news and see loads of images via the almost daily Cultivate blog…  oh and we never saw Cultivate was just a Vyner Street thing, we shall evovle again… …

Massive thanks for three excellent years….

SEAN WORRALL / EMMA HARVEY and all the artists


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