CULTIVATE EVOLVED – An update from Vyner Street; battledecks, golden walls, artist calls and…..

CULTIVATE EVOLVED April 2014For those of you not on the gallery mailing list, here’s the newsletter that went out last night…..

CULTIVATE EVOLVED – An update from Vyner Street, battledecks, golden walls, artist calls and…..

An update? Another update, there’s always something to update. What’s happening at Cultivate Evolved?

Well we’re still here, that’s the first bit of (good) news, we’re told the proposed demolition of our space on the corner isn’t going to happen for at least a few more months now. The developers and the council and the powers who bribe the powers that be are still arguing it all out. Getting tougher to exist as artists in the East End, the chances of a “better Woolworths” are looking a little slim now, looks like we’ve still got time to put some more art on the walls and continue to enjoy doing things our way down Vyner Street for a little while yet though.

aaa_cultevolved_may1firsttgThanks to everyone who came to the recent openings and events, or better still, thanks to those who came along during the opening hours where you can see it all without the elbows and the drinking and the everything else.

Actually April First Thursday was a little bit of a return to form for the street, looks like artists, galleries and spaces are waking up a little as the better weather kicks in (don’t know why art slows down for winter?)

We go on for a another week with our current guest artists MICHELLE MILDENHALL and GLENN “Fitzy” FITZPATRICK and their battle decks, latex, ball gags, collared queens, petrol pumps, apples and more, rather pleased with the guest walls right now. Michelle and Fitzy have their work on our walls until April 23rd when we change over and in comes BERNADETTE LOUISE Heartbreaker Housewife with her marigold gloves alongside contemporary painter PAUL FENWICK. Our guests take a wall each for two weeks and share the space with our in-house artists EMMA HARVEY, GARETH MORGAN, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, JESSICA BALLANTYNE, JULIA MADDISON, M.O.B  and myself .SEAN WORRALL.

The Red wall

The Red wall

Our curated wall this month, following on from last month’s International Women’s Day wall put together by Emma Harvey, is a Red wall of red things – red art, red paintings, red prints featuring the art of The Red wall of art will stay up throughout April with art from BEN FENTON, MARIA TERESA GAVAZZI, VANYA BALOGH, SOPHIE CULLINAN, SAMIA MALIK, MADELEINE STRINDBERG, SARAH CARPENTER and SAFFRON REICHENBACKER.

The Red wall is up until the end of April and then things turn gold. The GOLD wall will be in place throughout May – a wall alive with art of a yellow/gold nature/feel

yellow at Cultivate (Fool's Gold show, March 2012ARTIST CALLS – if you would like a chance to get involved with the GOLD wall or one of our guests spaces then you will find lots more information here or e.mail

We shall be open as usual throughout the Easter holiday, 11.30am until 6pm Thursday  to Sunday, or by appointment at any other time.



And while we’re here may I please draw your attention to MILD MILD WHERE? What’s Tracie doing? Where’s mild anyway? Today’s blank canvas and a touch of fundraising…..

Big thanks.


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yellow days at Cultivate

yellow days at Cultivate



LATEST ARTIST CALLS at CULTIVATE EVOLVED. Want to get involved in our ever evolving artist-run space?



LATEST ARTIST CALLS at CULTIVATE EVOLVED.  Want to get involved in our ever evolving artist-run space?

At the moment, we have the following opportunities for artists to get involved in our space right in the middle of Vyner Street.

The month-long Gold wall

The Gold wall will be in place for all of May, We are looking for smaller pieces of art of a predominantly gold/yellow colour nature – paintings, prints, photographs, wall-based 3d work. We intend a busy closely grouped set of works united within a wall area of 130cm x 290cm. There will be a couple of plinths available. For more details please e.mail and we shall send you full details in terms of how to submit potential work and such. Mark your e.mail “CULTIVATE GOLD WALL”



The Guest space

We have two guest wall spaces at Cultivate Evolved, we invite artists to take up the guest spaces for two week periods, either with a body of work, a larger piece or… the space you get is 120cm x 290cm (with space on each side of the 120 so you can take up that entire space), there are plinths available for small 3d pieces. For more details please e.mail and we shall send you full details in terms of how to submit potential work and such. Mark your e.mail “CULTIVATE GUEST WALL”

 CULTIVATE EVOLVED April 2014Full-time member of Cultivate Evolved

We have an opening for a new full-time in-house artist at Cultivate Evolved. This involves you having a full time section of wall to exhibit your work as one of the eight permanent artists at the gallery, as well as being involved in other events we take part in as Cultivate. For full details please get in touch (you ideally need be London-based or willing to commute in, we all take turns looking after the space during opening hours, we’re talking three or four days a month each. You need to be a full time committed productive pro-active working artist please).





womanswallARTIST CALL – Rather like the way Emma’s Women’s Wall has worked during March, I  think we’ll do it again for April and follow the International Women’s Day wall with a month-long RED wall and turn a section of the gallery red again.  For this we require wall art of a red nature. If you wish to be involved and you’d like a piece of red art on the wall at Cultivate for a month (including April First Thursday) then please get in touch via - for full details. We’re looking for smaller pieces, nothing too much bigger than A3 please… The red wall will go up on April 2nd and debut on First Thursday April 3rd and run for a month…







Ball gags, berkley hunts and the next guest artists… the wrecking ball is getting closer


Quiet British Accent

What’s happening this week at the ever evolving art chute that is Cultivate? Well one thing we’re almost definitely definite about is the fact that this week is guest change-over week, our two guest wall spaces are vacated by LEWIS BANISTER and JACK FLORISH, it has been a pleasure having the two artists compliment and contradict on our walls for the last two weeks, their work comes down on Wednesday and the spaces they occupied with be taken over by rather renowned latex artist MICHELLE MILDENHALL and the intrigue of London artist ASHLEY SCOTT FITZGERALD. We have no idea what Ashley is going to do with his space, well we do have a vague idea or we wouldn’t have invited him to come be involved. We’re as intrigued as we hope you are, we expect it to be three dimensional, we expect it will be tactile, we saw Ashley’s work, offered him the space and we await his art. Michelle meanwhile will be bringing more of her slightly fetish-flavoured latex art – we expect ball-gags, royalty and bold use of flat colour from Michelle. Both artists will have a wall of work (and maybe some plinths, at Cultivate Evolved from Thursday 27th March until April 9th including a late evening opening on First Thursday April 3rd from 6pm until 9pm.

Michelle Milldenhall

Michelle Milldenhall

As you probably know, we change guest artists every two weeks, each guest artist gets a nice big slice of white brick wall to show a body of work or a larger piece or, well we’re open to all ideas. If you’re interested in being a guest artist then please do get in touch – we are picky, it has to be right for both you and us, if you think you’d like to get involved please do get in touch. We don’t have many/date spaces available right now, we have just had a cancellation for one of the April 10th – 23rd slots, these things happen, artists are precious creatures….

What else this week? Well EMMA HARVEY’s international Women’s day wall has now been in place for almost the month we planned for it to be in place, the work will be there for one more week before it all comes down on April 1st. So you have one more week and indeed one more weekend to explore Women’s Day wall alongside the work of our in-house artists that waiting to be explored – the sculpture of MOB, the Cockney Rhyming Slang of QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, the things JULIA MADDISON made today, the pink flow of painter JESSICA BALLANTYNE, the angles of GARETH MORGAN.

mob1Actually there’s a lot to explore around the area at the moment, excellent show at SPACE just along Mare Street, really strong mixed media show called Future Map. There’s Charles Atlas work to be explored a VILMA GOLD, really like what they have on offer at CELL PROJECTS right now, you find Cell just along Cambridge Heath Road (at the top of Vyner Street). Billy Howard Price’s films and installations can be found at the rather compact XERO, KLINE and COMA gallery along the Hackney Road (by the Co-Op Supermarket. It really isn’t so much about just Vyner Street anymore, as the creep of gentrification, giant new blocks of flats as developers push us out, the so-called urbanists all combining to close art spaces in favour of offices and such, that and the sickening spectacle of the salespeople up the road closing their beautiful gallery and converting it in to office space for their internet art-selling business – whoops, going off and things again, someone told me a couple of days ago that I should “shut my big mouth”, that “things are changing and if there’s no room for art and artists any more then tough, times change, shut up and accept it” I probably would be better off shutting up, but for me art is about community, what good is art if you just lock it behind closed doors and exclude most people? I’ll shut my big mouth, well in terms of today’S big mouthed blog, sweetness I was only joking when I said…  It isn’t just about Vyner Street now, well there is still WILKINSON and HADA down Vyner Street, and we’re still here of course, if you want to explore the galleries in the immediate area, then there are plenty, all shapes, sizes and attitudes, more about streets now though, rather than just a street….



Well yes, we are still here, the developers are moving in though, the wrecking ball is getting closer – we’ve known for ages the building that currently houses Cultivate was going to be pulled down one day soon, pulled down to make way for another block of flats that none of us can afford to live in. We have no timeline yet, an no one has said anything officially to us so far, be we do know that Tower Hamlets council sent out letters to all our neighbours in the last couple of weeks inviting anyone who wanted to to object to the plans to do so.  Objectors had until today to speak up, we have no idea what  happens next or how long we have, we’ll get on with doing our artist-run thing until the developers get us, until then we have an open door, a room full of art and lots to explore, and all around us there are galleries and art spaces to explore, all about streets now, not just a street, the East End is alive and well .

I’m rather pleased with the way our walls are looking now, a strong set of artists and some exciting art…



Michelle Mildenhall

Michelle Mildenhall







Today, we added some rhyming slang to the walls at Cultivate Evolved. Pennants, felt penants, the work of the QUIET BRITISH ACCENT team.    The Pennants will be up on the wall for the next two weeks, meanwhile, our current guests LEWIS BANNISTER (aka Copymenot) and JACK FLORISH have their work up on the wall for another week.    Here’s an album of work from the three parties, click on the images to enlarge them….

THIS MONTH AT CULTIVATE EVOLVED – Do we actually need galleries? What are we doing this month? Walking it or just talking it? Does it matter?



THIS MONTH AT CULTIVATE EVOLVED – Do we actually need galleries? What are we doing this month? Walking it or just talking it? Does it matter?

This month at Cultivate Evolved, down on our corner in the middle of Vyner Street, things are as busy, and we’d like to think, as committed as ever. It is mostly about the middle of the street now, doesn’t look like much is going on at top, you need to brave the oil and street wreckage of the taxi garage, pass the seemingly redundant purple neon sign and get yourself down to where you find us, Hada Contemporary, Wayward, Wilkinson and the gallery spaces that are actually really doing it and such to find the art and the life and the things waiting to be explored (beautiful show at Hada this month, back on form again, so please go ring their bell).  



We find ourselves looking around, seeing spaces locked on First Thursday, seeing places closed for most of the time, and asking what is the point of having an art space if you’re not going to use it? Surely it isn’t all about cramming it all in to soul-sucking three day cattle market art fairs, surely it isn’t all about internet sales and art reduced to interior design, there to match your wallpaper and your dinner party? You can’t really truly explore art on line anyway can you? Sure the web is a useful reference tool, a place to get a hint of a taste, to learn about an artist or a gallery, a place to start to engage, but surely there’s still a need for art spaces and galleries you can actually physically visit? I don’t feel I’ve experienced a painter until I have stood in front of their work for real, until I have breathed, until I can almost touch it .

Surely we need welcoming places where it still is about just having some space to experience the art? A space for viewing, exhibiting, exploring, showing, sharing? The emotion of exploring creativity? Sure, we all need to sell our art to survive as working artists, and yes, we have rent to pay, bills to deal with, material to buy, but surely it has to be about more than sell sell sell. As a painter i want people to really see my work, experience the texture, the colour, the layers, the energy.. I don’t want to pour everything in to a painting and then just hand it over to some internet salesperson to sell to someone who sticks it is a room never to be seen again, I want it to be seen first, I want it to breathe, I want it to be experienced, i want to share it, exhibit, not something that’s there only for those who can afford to buy it, not something to just be stuck on line or piled up at an art fair cattle market and then lost forever. 



We’re fast loosing our East London galleries and working art spaces – gentrification, so called urbanists who talk it rather than walk it, developers  – so it is particularly disappointing to see the nice big bright open gallery space up the street being divided up and converted in to small computer-filled office-like spaces, seeming turned over to the business of an internet art warehouse rather than a gallery to explore and experience in. I do hope it isn’t the case, but it does rather look like we’ve lost yet another East London art space.  Meanwhile the space directly over from us, once a thriving gallery, now remains mostly locked for no explicable reason while the self-celebrating “urbanist” who bought it all up basks in the on-line glory of his space being named as one of the top five art spaces in the East End by some on-line magazine run by people who’s exploring clearly doesn’t take them much further than the computer in the corner of their room…. We’ve quietly watched for a year or more now, we’ve listened to the talk and waited for the walk, march First Thursday might just have been the last straw.



We artists are being pushed out of our East London spaces, priced out of our galleries, and this time around it looks like those involved in the business of art are the ones closing the spaces on us…. Oh the things we could have done with that big pace up the road rather than our poky little room. 

And what of our poky room? We love our room, the walls may not be straight and the windows might be messy but we love our space, the energy might intimidate a little, but hey, like we’ve said before, this is not a room that lends itself to politeness. We’d love more space to spread out a little more… . 



The gallery space is now very obviously split up in to ten distinct evolving spaces, this month, EMMA HARVEY has taken over an extra wall space for her month long International Women’s Day project. Following on from last year’s very well received Yeastie Girl celebration of Riot Grrrl, feminism, art and punk rock, Emma has packed one of the wall spaces with art, statement and literature of a feminist nature.. The wall of work went up ahead of March First Thursday and last Saturday’s International Women’s Day and will stay up for the whole of March at Cultivate evolved. Artists featured on Emma’s wall right now are AGATA CARDOSO, BERNADETTE LOUISE, BJORK GRUE LIDIN, CONSUELO CELLUZI, CONSUELO GIORGI, EMMA HARVEY, JAMES WARD, JO FISHER ROBERTS, KATRINE STOREBO, MARIE-LOUISE JONES, QUIET BRITISH ACCENTROSSELLA SPOTO, SHARON REEVES, STEVEN RAWLINGS, and SUGAR SKILLS, with more joining in as the month evolves…




For March we welcome two new in-house permanent artists to our creative fold – M.O.B is an artist we’ll maybe say something about Modes Of Being as things evolve – who knows what we’ll get – might include a trumpet, a voice, a photo, a painting, a sculpture, a discussion?  We welcome back recent guests QUIET BRITISH ACCENT as full-time Cultivate artists – “Quiet British Accent are art and design duo Jason Gale and Sharon Gale. The couple like to play with the visual language of popular sporting culture across textiles, stencils, mixed media and low tech printing techniques”. Elsewhere in the room JULIA MADDISON, GARETH MORGAN, JESSICA BALLANTYNE and myself, SEAN WORRALL, will be evolving our walls with paintings, 3d pieces, triangles, leaves, EMMA HARVEY‘s SUCK installation will stay in place for March and… well come explore and see what we’re all doing. Been three months since we evolved the space and took the gallery in a new direction, we’re excited by it, we’re enjoying most of it… we don’t know how long we’ll hang on in our space, right now the people who run the business of art feel like more of a threat to our existence than the Foxton’s of this world. Whoops, getting distracted again when I really should be telling you about our next guests….

aaa_cultevolved_mar13_26Our guest spaces are then taken up for two weeks by the graphic street art flavours of LEWIS BANISTER (AKA Jive Copymenot) and contemporary manipulator, JACK FLORISH  – really looking forward to seeing a body of work from Jack on our wall.  Both artists will be joining us from March 13th until March 26th Got some good things cooking up for April as well….

First Saturday was great, come join us next month, you just might enjoy it….all day long, musicm art, food, activity., involvement… watch this space, April 5th



Finally, In terms of artist calls, the guest spaces are now full right through until the middle of May,  We are now looking for one more committed pro-active person to be a full time artist at Cultivate Evolved from April onwards. if any of this interested you please do get in touch, but before you do, please do check out what we’re about, have a read of the blogs and such – if you want white cube formality and carefully manicured boredom this is not the space for you, we’re not interested in carefully worded art-school artist statements or the established way of doing things, we’re interested in energy, excitement, creativity, pro-active committed art from artists who want to walk it rather than just talk it, we want you to excite us, we want commitment and we want it to really matter. If you want to get involved wither as a guest or a permanent member, then please get in touch –    .

First Saturday, we'll have time to make a sign for next month....

First Saturday, we’ll have time to make a sign for next month….

CULTIVATE EVOLVED is a pro-active artist-run, maximalist punk rock art space – you either get it and us or you don’t. 


Sean –

AGATA CORDOSA, BJORK GRUE LIDIN - International Women's Day wall, unti lthe end of March

AGATA CORDOSA, BJORK GRUE LIDIN – International Women’s Day wall, unti lthe end of March