It is and has been fantastic to have the continued opportunity to exhibit my art at Cultivate gallery on Vyner Street over the past three years. As the space has evolved into ‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED’ (since January 2014) with the wall space sliced into ten sections, I now have an entire section of wall to do with whatever I want. It has been packed full of collages and shelves of cakes, with ice creams slammed into the wall and dripped onto the floor, oil paintings and photographs have been hung alongside ribbons, mouths, art tarts… It offers a continuous outlet for my art that would be impossible for me to find elsewhere.

EMMA HARVEY - Suck (Feb 2014, Cultivate Evolved)

EMMA HARVEY – Suck (Feb 2014, Cultivate Evolved)

It challenges me to constantly think about what I am doing and why. It makes me consider my work more thoroughly; what I want to be seen (and unseen) on my slice of wall for that month / week / day. To have a permanent wall space in a gallery on Vyner Street in the East of London, which takes in a busy First Thursday event each month and has visitors from all over the world (visiting all the spaces and galleries down the street) and knowing that your art will be seen, is an opportunity to be cherished.

This artist run space is a truly unique experience; we are actually doing it ourselves. And finding ourselves involved with a lot of exciting adventures along the way (for example, being involved with the Art Car Boot Fair which this year has included trips to Liverpool as part of the Biennale in June and to the Folkestone Triennial at the end of August, as well as at the recent Fete Worse Than Death event in Shoreditch). It has also given me opportunities to meet with other like-minded artists, be invited to join other exhibitions and make friends.

EMMA HARVEY - Fleashed (Cultivate 2013)

EMMA HARVEY – Fleashed (Cultivate 2013)

I could just make art in my studio, keep it piling up in the corner adding to all my other stuff but instead I am able to continually push myself and my art and exhibit the pieces I want to, when I want. I now make art in the knowledge it will be seen. I don’t need fame and attention, I don’t need my art to be picked up and stored forever in an underground basement but I do need a continual outlet for my art; a chute down which I drop my finished work into and for it to end up on a gallery wall – I need a friendly gallery space where everyone is welcome to come in, and I need to continue making art which will be seen (and occasionally, sold). Cultivate Evolved not only gives me this opportunity but actively encourages me to continue engaging with it.



I find it difficult to use words to sum up complex emotions about how I feel about art however I think Stewart Lee sums it up rather well in saying, when art works well it makes you feel less alone, and perhaps this best sums up why I love cultivating and what an amazing adventure it is to be involved with. (Emma Harvey)




verb (used with object), cul·ti·vat·ed, cul·ti·vat·ing.

  1. to prepare and work on (land) in order to raise crops; till.
  2. to use a cultivator on.
  3. to promote or improve the growth of (a plant, crop, etc.) by labor and attention.
  4. to produce by culture: to cultivate a strain of bacteria.
  5. to develop or improve by education or training; train; refine: to cultivate a singing voice.

A Fete was Saturday, glorious day in Shoreditch, Cultivate is branching out

Ah, the benefits of summer and fetes worse than death and the notions of a better Woolworths and thanks to everyone who braved both the oppressive heat and the inconsiderate rainstorms and came along to both the opening of Little Summer Benefits last Thursday as well as A Fete Worse Than Death last Saturday.   Saturday was good, it was emotional for some, there’s a giant bag of photos from the day over on the Organ pages here and a whole load of exclaiming at A Fete Worse Than Death, A better Woolworths, celebrating the life and legacy of Joshua Compston, East London and the act of doing, as well as some thoughts and far too many words here – “Saturday did feel gloriously good, a celebration of a legacy, a glorious day alive with creativity, with the glorious art of doing things, of engaging, a brilliant day shared with good people and a sense of things still just about being possible (Darren Coffield, Alice Herrick, Sam Walker and their teams deserve a big thanks, they put in lots of work to make it all happen, these things don’t just happen)”, go surf on all those links up there if you want more

A FETE... - 2014

A Fete was Saturday, glorious day in Shoreditch, Cultivate is branching out, so far this year we’ve been to Brick Lane, Liverpool and Shoreditch, we’re off to Folkstone, feels like it is time to bust out – not quite ready to cut completely loose yet, the last throws of Vyner Street are not far off, the lieks of us are not welcome there now……

Right now, this week, down on our corner of Vyner Street we’re halfway through the Little Summer Benefit thing, lots of  smaller pieces of art from a variety of artists, all pieces priced at no more than £200, some for sale at no more than £1



an evolving LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS wall of small pieces of art priced between £1 and £200.. Paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and more until July 29th…. Artists featured on the wall and in the rack during Little Summer Benefits include ANNA ARBITER, BEN NAZ, CARNE GRIFFITHS, D7606, EMMA HARVEY, GARETH MORGAN, GILES SKERRY, HELEN GRANT, JULIA MADDISON, MARCELINA AMELIA, MARTIAL DUROU, MATHEW TUDOR, MICHELLE MILDENHALL, NADINE TALALLA, PETER SULO, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, SEAN WORRALL, 616. ZOE CROSSE and more t.b.c as the wall continues to evolve.  Artists who still wish to get involved during the final week should contact us via info@cultivatevynerstreet.com


More of this kind of thing later….


CULTIVATE at the Liverpool Biennial Art Car Boot Fair, the day in 123 photos

aaa_cultevolved_liverpoolSecond leg of this year’s Art Car Boot Fair happened last week (or was it the week before, things are busy around here, time is flying, art is cooking) as part of the Liverpool Biennial. it happened in a rather atmospheric car park (beautiful walls to hang art on) in Wolstenholm Square, next door to the Cream (under the shadow of Cuban sculptor Jorge Pardo’s Penelope, a large piece in the middle of the square).  Early train our of Euston, bags of art and off to Lime Street and a day in (very) sunny Liverpool, Cultivate goes to Liverpool.

Here come some photos (click on an image to enlarge or run the random slice show) …Photos of what we were doing as well as everyone else….  We had a great day…. .


aaa_cultevolved_littlesumerWhere were we? Liverpool was a great adventure, sunshine and dazzle ships, the positive of the double negative and lots of good people in the sunshine – good to go Cultivating outside of (East) London.   July First Thursday was almost as as frantic as ever, well frantic in terms of getting it all hung and ready. The sun has been roasting us down rapidly changing Vyner Street (still no word on when they pull our building down, but the likes of us will not be hanging on here much longer).  Will we make it to our third birthday? We should have killed it ages ago

Little Summer Benefits opens this Thursday evening, a two week show that we said, in the last blog , that we’d “tell you about we’ll tell you about in another blog in a minute or so”. and so here indeed is that another blog and such while all you artists moan about there being nowhere to show your work and we hit our heads on the wall and deal with your apathy. Stop moaning and grab the chance while you still can! .This week at the last artist-run space still standing in the rapidly turning in to some kind of soulless gentrified seven pound a bite sandwich zone we bring you the 2014 version of Little Summer Benefits



LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS – An affordable art event.  – Opening night, Thursday evening, Opening night, 17th July 6pm until 9pm. Featuring an evolving LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS wall of smaller pieces of art priced as low as £1 and no more than £200. Paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and more… an affordable affair for everyone’s benefit. Art tarts, painted vinyl, What Julia Made, Ben Naz punk queen prints, Quite British Accent Blimey pieces, slang pennants….  Bring your own drink, we’ll bring the art and the sunshine (well we’ll probably bring some drink as well)

Artists featured on the wall include ANNA ARBITER, BEN NAZ, CARNE GRIFFITHS, D7606, EMMA HARVEY, GARETH MORGAN, GILES SKERRY, HELEN GRANT, JULIA MADDISON, MARCELINA AMELIA, MARTIAL DUROU, MATHEW TUDOR, MICHELLE MILDENHALL, PETER SULO, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, SEAN WORRALL, ZOE CROSSE and more t.b.c (artists who wish to get involved during the two weeks should contact us via info@cultivatevynerstreet.com).

a_fete1Little Summer Benefits is also a fund-raiser for Cultivate and an exercise in keeping the doors open and the art and the artists flowing for where would it go without art? There has to be art…

DESIGN WITHOUT ART IS DESIGN WITHOUT HEART….. If you close the galleries then you’re cutting off the source, what the hell is a makerspace anyway? Where’s the seed? Something more than talk? Are we going to see anything more than a load of hot air and fancy press release? is it going ever be anything more that locked doors and spin? Ever get the feeling we’re being cheated? Enough of the talkers, rather looks like we’re one of the last of the do’ers down the actual street now, still lots going on around us though, still plenty to explore down the side streets and in the tower blocks



We just noticed that It was three years ago this week, back in 2011, that the seed that evolved to become Cultivate was germinated in the car park at Netil House London E8 (and we’ve not had a day off since).  Here’s a photo set from back there, wonder where all those artists are now, well some of them are still around, some have become household names or household bleach or household germs or something like that, one said he was “too big” for Cultivate now, good for him, anyway, here’s a set of photos from the day that kind of started it all and this weekend we shall be off to the Fete, we told you about the Fete in the previous blog earlier today, we’ll tell you about it some more in another blog in another minute or so….  we’re excited about the Fete and the idea of a better Woolworths and an East End for everyone, not just those who can afford an expensive sandwich if you know what I mean.

Three years since the Stinging Netil then, see you down the street, see you at the Fete…  Hopefully see a few of you at Little Summer Benefits

Mathew Tudor, Piky, Sean, Emma Harvey,  all up on the wall...

Mathew Tudor, Piky, Sean, Emma Harvey, all up on the wall…

Liverpool Art Car Boot Fair last week...

Liverpool Art Car Boot Fair last week…


This Saturday, A BETTER WOOLWORTHS at a rather exciting event called A FETE WORSE THAN DEATH

aaa_cultevolved_fete_v1Where were we? Liverpool was a great adventure, July First Thursday was as frantic as ever, the sun has been roasting us down Vyner Street, Little Summer Benefits opens this Thursday evening, a two week show that we’ll tell you about in another blog in a minute or so.

This Saturday, Cultivate is closed in terms of Vyner Street, we shall be presenting “A BETTER WOOLWORTHS” at a rather exciting event called A FETE WORSE THAN DEATH/

The event is happening at Red Gallery, Red Market & Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DT This Saturday July 19th, from Midday until 8pm in terms of the Fete/market part of things, until midnight in terms of the gallery part of the event.

Here’s what’s happening, these are the words of the organisers….

20th Anniversary Art extravaganza to commemorate the original Fete Worse Than Death held 20 years ago in Hoxton Square. Live art, music, films & performances by the famous, the infamous & rising stars of tomorrow…

joshua_compstonA FETE WORSE THAN DEATH 2014
20th anniversary exhibition and fete

Saturday 19th July 2014
12- 11.45pm – Red Gallery
12 – 8pm – Rivington Street

Abigail Lane & Swedish Vanessa: ARSE OVER TIT, HOMMAGE TO YVES KLEIN • Adam Electric: THE MACHINE • Alice Stallard & Alex Wood: DOODLE PIT STOP & THE PINBOARD GALLERY • Bob Pain: OMNICOLOUR & Chip: K2 SCREEN • Bobby Bubble: GIANT BUBBLES • C. A. Halpin & Mme ArtCarti: ART FLANEUR & FORTUNE TELLER • Carolyn Gowdy: POEM PEOPLE • Carson Parkin-Fairley & Bean-Mhi Berriman: CLUB TROP • Cedar Lewisohn: GO AND SEE JOSH • Chart Gallery: SPOTTO! • Christina Mitrense & Jonas Ranson: AGIT P(R)OP • Chris Townsend: COAL STRIKE MEMORABILIA • Cultivate Gallery: A BETTER WOOLWORTHS with Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, MOB, Quiet Britsih Accent, Julia Maddison and Mathew Tudor • David Robinson: FUNGARIUM • David C. West: SOAP ADDICT • Edward Rose, Carrie Reichardt & Nick Reynolds: ANARCHIC CERAMICS, POP ART KITSCH & DEATH • Barnaby Goff: DOPPUL • Gideon Cube-Sherman: SNAAK • Giusi Tomasello: A PIECE OF ART • Hedley Roberts & Sian-Kate Mooney: DEATH CERTIFICATES • Hercules Fisherman: 3FS • Jeffrey Disaster: MINI MINI • John Costi: WHITE ELEPHANT STALL • Kate Walters: I’LL DRAW YOUR DREAM • KeelerTornero: KEY TONES BESPOKE VINYL • Kev Clarke: THE FACE OF POP • Liam Ryan: HUCKLEBUCK RECORDS • Magnus Irvin: DRAWINGS TO BE SAVOURED & TREASURED • Mark Jones: PORTRAITS • Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery: BRING ME THE HEAD OF GAVIN BENNETT • Max & Marlowe Reeves: RAVENS • Michal Cole: TIL DEATH DO US PART • Misha Milovanovich: MISHA WORLD POP UP COLLEGE • NoNose: POTATO SCULPTURE • Paul Good & Kirsty Wood: HER IMAGE ECHOED • Paul Hazelton & Tom Swift: DE-IN-STALL: A FETE ACCOMPLI • Paul Sakoilsky: PORTRAIT SOCIETY • Rachel Megawhat & Isabelle Bricknall: HAUS OF MIRRORS • Raul Pina: DR BOMBASTIC • Residence Gallery: PØPMY$‡IC • Robert Booth: PERFORMANCE POURS • Rose Pomeroy: DAZZLE CAMOUFLAGE • Samuel Webster: BALLOONS • Silvia Ziranek: PIN THE TIARA • Stirling Ackroyd: TOMBOLA • Tim Barnes & Katherine Tulloh: BLACKMAIL INC.

+ Darren Coffield: FACTUAL NONSENSE books • Gavin Turk: POP t-shirts • Jessica Voorsanger: BRADY BUNCH badges • Swedish Blonde Design: BE THE WORST badges

19th – 31st July at Red Gallery
+ special evening reception with guest speakers on 30th July to mark the actual day of the 20th anniversary of the Fete.

Uliana Apatina • Florence Boyd • Lorenzo Belenguer • Matthew Benington • Simon Bill • Sir Peter Blake • Cedric Christie • Darren Coffield • Michal Cole • Mat Collishaw • Sam Crabtree • Richard Dyer • Tracey Emin • Angus Fairhurst • Gordon Faulds • Maria Teresa Gavazzi • Jenny Gordon • Hanz Hancock • Paul Hazelton • Zebedee Helm • Alice Herrick • Andrew Herman • Taisha Hirokawa • Damien Hirst • Dannielle Hodson • Georgie Hopton • Gary Hume • Marie-Louise Jones • Ricca Kawai Kalderon • Mick Kerr • Ida Ivanka Kubler • Christina Mitrense • Jessica Morris • Patrick Morrissey • Ben Oakley • Danny Pockets • Brendan Quick • Steven Quinn • Hedley Roberts • David Robinson • Paul Sakoilsky • Martin Sexton • Hidekazu Sogabe • Bob and Roberta Smith • Sarah Staton • David Taborn • Sam Taylor-Wood • Gavin Turk • Jessica Voorsanger • Sam Walker • Gillian Wearing • Max Wigram • Tom Wilmott • Silvia Ziranek

On Saturday 19th July 2014, be at the crossroads of Charlotte Road and Rivington Street, EC2 to face ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’. For one day, Rivington Street will be closed to mark the 20th anniversary of a landmark event kick starting an exhibition hosted by Red Gallery.

The 20th anniversary exhibition of ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’ at Red Gallery will allow artists the chance to reclaim the area for a day whilst giving the public a rare opportunity to see and buy early artworks made by the YBAs before they were famous. There will be a painting by Gary Hume painted on a local warehouse wall for Joshua in 1994 as well as original memorabilia from the Fete & Factual Nonsense gallery – sold in aid of the Joshua Compston memorial fund and assisting in raising money for a memorial to be erected in Hoxton Square.

The exhibition will be curated by Darren Coffield (artist), Alice Herrick (artist and director of Herrick Gallery) and Sam Walker (artist and co-director at CHART gallery).


Before the hipsters, before the boutiques, before the bars, in a then derelict part of the East End, Joshua Compston’s decision to open an art gallery on Charlotte Road and stage collaborative street events re-drew the artistic and cultural map of London and the contemporary art scene. For Joshua Compston (1970 – 1996), life was a special kind of nonsense: Factual Nonsense. Seen by some as the romantic martyr of his generation and by others, as a prankster, sending up the art establishment, Compston’s gallery ‘Factual Nonsense’ (FN) was quite unlike any other.


Compston’s ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’, was an anarchic swipe at the notion of a traditional village fête staged in Hoxton in the summer of 1993, which brought 4000 visitors to an area most people never knew existed. Several artists, including Gavin Turk, Gillian Wearing, Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas and Gary Hume manned stalls selling art and provided entertainment, Damien Hirst and Angus Fairhurst dressed as clowns and produced the first spin paintings at the fete (on sale for £1). In 1994, at his second ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’, Compston encouraged ‘organised starry-eyed liberation’ of the art world ranks whilst allowing anyone the opportunity to experience ‘art of all denominations without the annoying handle of art around it’. The event featured performances by Gavin Turk’s ‘Killers and Cannibals’, Cerith Wyn Evans’ ‘People should beg God to stop’ and Leigh Bowery’s neo-punk band Minty.

Darren Coffield spent four years compiling a biography ‘Factual Nonsense, The Art And Death Of Joshua Compston’ on his art school friend. As Coffield explains:

‘’The book & exhibition came about because it seemed incredulous that this unique and brilliant individual who was one of the main driving forces in the regeneration of Hoxton and Shoreditch should be totally forgotten whilst others claim credit for his ideas.’’


CULTIVATE EVOLVED: July First Thursday, Liverpool Biennial Art Car Boot Fair, Little Summer Benefits and….

aaa_cultevolved_july3rd_16v3The last throws of June, the final throws of Used Boots and Panties as well as a goodbye to our current guest artists Omar Obaid and Kidd Feather - all change at Cultivate again (it always is all change at Cultivate), Omar and Mr Feather vacate their walls, take away their swans and their eggs, Julia Maddison’s month long Used Boots and Panties experience comes crashing down in a glorious rain of dusty cloth, battered  lingerie, broken heels and beautiful confession, all pulled down from the comfort zone of the  washing line or the line drawn in the sand or some other line that may or may not have been crossed sometime ago.  The line is drawn under a very busy June.

July is upon us, another First Thursday is upon us, new art, new artists, new guests. new boots and more freshly recycled not so fresh white paint on the walls of Cultivate.  This month we say goodbye (and big thanks) to Jessica Ballantyne and at the same time welcome a new full time Cultivate artist in the shape of painter Mathew Tudor. .



We are now six again, (we were seven for a couple of days back there in the middle of the month). Six people sharing an art space, well we are seven actually seeing as Quiet British Accent are two (we were eight for a couple of days back there in the middle of the month) -  we six are now (if we count QBA as one), we are Quiet British Accent, Emma Harvey, M.O.B, Julia Maddison, Mathew Tudor and Sean Worrall.  We shall all evolve our wall spaces in time for yet another First Thursday  – we make that thirty-five First Thursdays in an unbroken row now, this surely can’t go on much longer? We were only ever going to be in Vyner Street for six months, will we ever escape the depraved trench? Well that planning application is still hanging over us like some kind of wrecking ball laced with merciful relief or release or merciful fate or fete, or a fete worst than death and there really is no hope of a better Woolworth’s now? Looks like the planners are going to be busy arguing with each other for a while yet while the urbanist vulture watches on and waits to pick off yet another art space and hack another slice off what was one a functioning creative community of people people and space   Trust-fund urbanists with their self imposed tittles of importance are on our door steps, busy closing doors, closing galleries and not actually practicing what they superficially preach, whoops enough of that, you got to laugh at the audacity of the self-proclaiming man though, I see he’s sucked the First Thursday officialdom with his talk this month, enough of that and on with actually doing it. “A better Woolworths” as it were, an open door rather than a press release. . .  . .



July, First Thursday, Mathew and the rest of us will be joined by four new guest artists, four new guests joining us for two weeks that start on Thursday.  This July First Thursday, we shall be joined once more by Cultivate regular and serial poster-manipulator Piky – alongside the returming Piky you will find three artists new to Cultivate walls in the diverse contrasting shape(s) of Jayne Anita Smith, Michael Stevenson and Nadine Talalla. The four new guests will join the six current in-house Cultivate Evolved artists from July 3rd until July 16th, July 3rd being First Thursday and another late evening sown the street.



For those of you new to what we’ve been doing since the end of last year and the Evolved state of things, the full-time cultivate artists exhibit non-stop at the gallery – our six individual wall spaces ever evolving, the other four spaces are currently taken up by a revolving parade of guests, now and again we use the guest spaces for other things – things such as Julia Maddison’s Used Boots and Panties installation that has been occupying part of our space throughout June, or the forthcoming Little Summer Benefits thing that will occupy part of our space for the second two we of July.

The forthcoming Little Summer Benefits thing then…

aaa_cultevolved_july17_29_2From July 17th until July 29th another Little Summer Benefits event will occupy a significant part of Cultivate, well the four guest spaces to exact, in other words one long wall.  .

The by now annual LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS wall for 2014 will last for two sunny weeks during the second half of July, it will open on Thursday July 17th with an evening opening private view open to everyone not very private kind of thing  An affordable art event and a fund-raiser for our artist-run gallery space, the Little Summer Benefits wall will occupy one full wall at Cultivate Evolved (the rest of the gallery will be occupied by the six current in-house Cultivate Evolved artists). We shall have a late evening opening on the 17th July and the gallery will be open for the usual regular gallery opening hours throughout the two weeks (besides Saturday 19th July when we shall be closed and taking part in A Fete Worse Than Death over in Rivington Street, Hoxton, East London).

Little Summer Benefits will feature a salon style busy hang of smaller affordable pieces of work – paintings, prints, canvas, nothing much bigger than A3 and nothing for sale at more than £200     Artists who wish to get involved in the Little Summer Benefits wall can find more information here

More about A Fete Worse Than Death next time, for now we’re focused on another East London First Thursday down Vyner Street, that and the second Art Car Boot Fair Event on Saturday 5th July, this time as part of the Liverpool Biennial. The Cultivate team will be in Liverpool next Saturday with a boot full of art…


Part two of this year’s ART CAR BOOT FAIR adventure see us following up the London event at Brick Lane with a trip to Liverpool for the opening day of the LIVERPOOL BIENNIAL. We Cultivate artists will have a “boot” full of art at the event that takes place on Saturday 5th July  (12-4pm, 45-61 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1.  Entrance on Wolstenholme Square)

Expect more Sean Worrall painted vinyl, cardboard and affordable canvas, Emma Harvey Art Tarts, Julia Maddison monoprints and wordery, Quite British Accent Merseyside football programme manipulation, paintings from Mathew Tudor and….

Emma Harvey Art Tarts

Emma Harvey Art Tarts

Here’s what the Art Car Boot Fair team have to say -  “We’ll be pushing our boots out for the first time in Merseyside bringing highlights from our London event plus a whole new and exciting Liverpool crew to join in with all the excitement of the opening weekend of the Liverpool Biennial. Featuring Gavin Turk who will be driving his Canvas Car to Liverpool with a boot-full of artworks created just for the day!


Painted viny

Painted viny

A special limited edition print from Sir Peter Blake created exclusively for the Art Car Boot Fair in Liverpool! Free custom screen printing at Ian Dawson’s Copy Shop, make your own originals Plus! The Art Cargo Van packed with Art Car Boot Fair delights

Line-up includes Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, The Royal Standard, Nina Fowler, Nina Saunders, Julia Vogl, Kevin Hunt, Cultivate Evolved with Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent, Mathew Tudor, Julia Maddison, Herrick Gallery with Maria Teresa Gavazzi & Jeffrey Disaster, Swifty, Scrawl Collective, James Unsworth, The Juncture, Carolyn Gowdy, Wilma ‘Surfmama’ Johnson, Rachel Marcroft, Emily Speed, Rose Smith, Theodore Vass, Madeleine Hall, Francis Disley, Dave Evans, Sam & Linny Venables, Double Negative and The Royal Standard featuring Rob Chavasse, Sam Smith & Joey Holder plus many more besides.

Busy times, more next week when we shall explore A Fete Worse Than Death, the third and final leg of the Art Car Boot Fair adventure and have a closer look at some of the art you can expect to find on the Little Summer Benefits wall





GOLD WALL salon hang 2014



The by now annual LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS wall for 2014 will last for two sunny weeks, it will go up on July 16th and open on Thursday July 17th.

An affordable art event and a fund-raiser for our artist-run gallery space, the Little Summer Benefits wall will occupy one full wall at Cultivate Evolved (the rest of the gallery will be occupied by the six current in-house Cultivate Evolved artists). We shall have a late evening opening on the 17th July and the gallery will be open for the usual regular gallery opening hours throughout the two weeks (besides Saturday 19th July when we shall be closed and taking part in A Fete Worse Than Death, Rivington Street, East London, for the day)

This year’s Little Summer Benefits call is an open one, the theme is also open. We are looking for exciting smaller pieces of art, the only rules are nothing (too much) bigger than A3 or 30cm x 42cm (including frame) and nothing on sale for more than £200 – paintings, prints, photographs, wall-based 3d work. We intend a busy closely grouped exciting salon style hang and an evolving wall as pieces sell and are replaced by new pieces…

if you wish to be involved then drop an e.mail to  info@cultivatevynerstreet.com put “Little Summer Benefits” in the subject line and we shall send full details.