Time to come out and Play in a great big beautiful shell of a warehouse

play_buttonWhere were we? Five minutes up yet? Time to play…. we’re evolving again, until we throw out an anchor and settle on a new space, Cultivate will roam around, pop up, do things in strange spaces, not so strange spaces, conventional spaces, not so conventional spaces    The first event of 2015 will be an event called Play, a two day art show in a great big beautiful shell of a warehouse, just by London Fields, London, E8.  Expect installation, sculpture, painting and… well watch this space, all about artists coming together to make things happen. Play will happen on the weekend of May 30th and 31st.  More news very soon, we have other irons in fires, you can never have too many irons in the fire.  Right then, we have work to do, things to build, paint to throw, artists to invite…. .

warehouse_inside  .

Cultivating is a punk rock state of mind, all about getting out there and doing it, making it happen, art events should be exciting and alive…

shoesinthegallery77Cultivating is a punk rock state of mind, all about getting out there and doing it,, making it happen, art events should be exciting and alive….  Cultivate is about artists doing it ourselves



“So when are the five minutes going to be up?” she demanded, “I’m pretty sure it has been more than five minutes now?”

Doesn’t seem like five minutes if you ask me. Then again, Vyner Street seems like several life times ago now, sad to see what it has been allowed to become. I guess everything evolves, but it is rather sad to see that big building site hole on the corner, and to see most of the other art-enabling DIY spaces down the street gone as well.   Things do evolve though,  things are evolving quickly in East London, and although finding spaces for us artists to do things ourselves is become tougher and tougher,  we’ve been busy doing just that. That’s right, we haven’t just been sitting around growing leaves, painting our mouths, using the street as a year long gallery and such…

Rather pleased to quietly hint that we have a number of Cultivate events pretty much ready to go then, including one that looks like it will be happening in a nice big brilliantly located East London warehouse.  other things boiling up nicely as well, a car park style event or two, along with another couple of things we’re cooking up in more “formal” gallery spaces.   More news in five or so minutes.

Emma Harvey

Emma Harvey

Fellow artists, watch your in-boxes, invites will be going out, and when they do we shall need you to react quickly, we’re talking spontaneous b of bang here, Cultivating is a punk rock state of mind, all about getting out there and doing it,, making it happen, art events should be exciting events

it has only been five minutes hasn’t it? Time to fill floors with your shoes again, and the walls with paintings and such…

Everything evolves, we’re excited.

Oh yes, we haven’t forgotten about the book either, like we already said, things have been very busy around here, if we told you, you wouldn’t believe us. Watch this space, lots more news very soon….   (SW)

CULTIVATING: More #365ArtDrops and…


What’s going on Cultivate wise|? Well the book is quietly flowing, more on that soon. The old building is being torn down along wit the heart and soul of the city and we’re working on new spaces and events…

Meanwhile, while we work on a new spaces ourselves 9and books), the #365ArtDrops goes on, it went on this last weekend with ten more pieces going out on the London streets, 365 things founds, painted on, recycled, upcycled and put back out there as free pieces of art. Part 19 to 28 went out around East London last Saturday morning, people are responding, reporting their finds, searching them out, twittering about them…

Happy new year, the book, the Chinese Open, the first six #365ArtDrops and…

chineseopen2015_flyerHappy New Year people, the walls of the old place really are coming down now, or at least the guts are being ripped out of the old building (and some might say the whole of Vyner Street), last time I was there the first floor had all been ripped out and place was looking more like a shell than a complex of galleries and studios.  Vyner Street was last year though, like we promised, we’ll be back in five minutes with new shows, new events and new things in a number of different art spaces – Cultivate was always going to move around, that’s why that particular space was called Cultivate Vyner Street..  And like we already said, we’ll be back in five minutes, lots going on behind the scenes right now. Meanwhile we’re busy putting the book together, i m busy dropping a piece of art every day as part of the #365ArtDrops and some of us are preparing for the 2015 Chinese Open – last year’s was a highlight of a very busy 2014.    The book will feature many of the artists who share out walls over the three and a bit years of Cultivate being in Vyner Street, we’ll be contacting you artists very soon about it, do have a read of the previous blogs for more about it all.  Happy new Year one and all, I entered it paint brush in hand on the morning of January 1st and so far it has been a rather busy one, here’s something I posted somewhere else on Jan 1st, it does no harm to repeat it here, this year is going to have to be about artists coming together to make things happen…

“Well my year was entered with paintbrush in hand and fresh layers growing on a big canvas, always like to start the year doing something positive and creative. Happy new year to one and all…. I suspect this is going to be a tough year, the idiots on the right both in government and even further over, the Tory attacks on the working classes, the gentrification, the property developers, this is going to be a battle. At times like this creativity and a united community is more important than ever, at times like this art is far more important than it is in the good times. This needs to be a year of creativity, of community, of unity and people coming together to make positive things happen… this is going to be an important year, a year where we need to come together, to unite, happy new year, be creative, build communities… .”  (Sean)

The First six day of the three hundred and sixty five look something like this….

365 Art drops on recycled found things in 2015. Painting on unwanted things, things found on the street, painted on, then left out again for people to (hopefully) take and enjoy. Something I shall hopefully, all being well, be doing throughout 2015…



CULTIVATE: Book-ending the year, writing the book, down comes the building, happy new year!

Shoes in the gallery

Shoes in the gallery

2014 then, what are we to make of all that? End of the year or just another day coming to an end? It does bookend things neatly, well it does this year. 30th December right now, we spent yesterday clearing out the old Cultivate building, it all comes down in January, will they pull it down in time for a photo to make the last page of the book? See, we really are book-ending it all, did we mention this already? I can never remember what we’ve actually said on social media and what we’ve just said in the pub. Did we mention the book already?

shoesinthegallery792014 then, it was a full on year (again), a busy year, a rewarding year, a frustrating year, a frantic year, a brilliant year, a tough year, a year full of adventures, of car parks, of seaside treats, fates worse than death, a year of battling apathy, closed door attitudes, property developers, megalomaniacs masquerading as friends of the arts as they take everything over, destroy communities and lock the doors. A year of painting walls white, filling holes, painting one hundred things, painting vinyl, painting on doors, dealing with dogs, dealing with egos, dealing with delight, the delight of art, of sharing, communicating, making things happen, watching things happen, igniting things, inviting people in. We stopped Cultivating on our Vyner Street corner back at the start of Autumn, we’ve covered all that in previous blogs, after three years and one month, it was time to move on and a couple of months on from pulling out, we’re still feeling good about it. We loved it all but time was up, we were right to hand over the keys. We knew the threat of the property developer was hanging over us, we knew the artist-led community that Vyner Street once was was being pulled apart by property developers, was poisoned by the sour taste of lime at the wharf and those who insist on closing everything so they can build more flats that no one around here can afford to rent let alone dream of buying.

shoesinthegallery59We closed Cultivate back in October, three years was more than enough, but rather than close the space completely and handing the keys back to the landlord, we invited a new collective of artists to take over the space and make use of it in their own way for six months. Looks like the Project Space (as they eventually called it after a few false starts) isn’t going to last the full six months (our plan was to let them have it for six and then let someone else have it for a further six and so on until the wrecking ball finally hit). Yesterday, without too much warning, we had to clear the space out. It happened quickly, the building is already in the process of being pulled apart, we didn’t really get any official notice, just a vague e.mail a week or two ago, no good arguing about it, we knew it was coming, we though we had a bit more time, we had been asking, would have been nice to get a little more notice. We’re told the building will be completely gone by the middle of January and work will start on yet another block of luxury flats, that probably comes with an empty space underneath because no gallery or shop can afford the rent on. These new spaces that are built as token offerings to something or other, most of them stay empty, there’s a dozen or so in Hackney, underneath new build blocks of flat that have been empty for three or four years.. The agents for that empty space underneath that new block of expensive flats that replaced the community centre and well used African church at the top of Vyner Street approached us several times about us moving there, how much rent do they want to charge for it!? Not that we want to open another space in Vyner Street right now, no, that chapter is closed, Vyner Street is not for the likes of us anymore, we had a rewarding time, we loved (most of) it, but that chapter is almost over now, been there, done that, on to the next street or maybe to the next town, we’ll be back somewhere in five minutes or so..

shoesinthegallery15So yes, the Vyner Street chapter is almost over, the Vyner Street chapter in the ongoing Cultivate story will be closed once the book is out and beans are spilt. Did we mention the book already? Most Cultivate plans come together in the Victory or the Hare or sat on the benches outside the Sebright Arms, have we mentioned the book here already or was it just pub talk? The book is coming together nicely, we really should start mentioning it.

Shoes in the gallery

Shoes in the gallery

The book then….

Right now it rather looks like a plush full-colour visual documentation of the three years we spent in, on and around Vyner Street. At the moment it looks like a nice big 25cm square affair, something big enough in terms of page size to really document it with big bold photographs, a bold visual documentation of the art, the people, the shoes, the walls, the dogs, cats, crows and marks left on the pavement outside. A book just a little smaller then a square vinyl record sleeve, a page we can do something with without crowding it all too much. Right now it looks like it will be around 112 pages thick, all properly printed on nice heavy paper, top quality printing from a trusted (East London) printing collective who know what they’re doing and know what we’re about – if we’re going to do this then we’re going to do it properly, no cheap and cheerful send it to the printers and cross our fingers operation, this has to be done properly. We’ve brought in some trusted printers, we like their work and they like ours.

Shoes in the gallery

Shoes in the gallery

We plan an A to Z, well the book is far more than just a plan now, we’re well past the plans, already almost written and we’re well in to the process of layout and selecting the photos from the thousands and thousands we took. An A to Z of the artists, the art, the people, the shows, the shoes, the fights, the feasts, of the art inside, the art outside, the other galleries, the glue bucket incident, the artists who took part, the art that really excited us, the painters, sculptors, the artists who really got it, we had so many good artists join in over the three years, we need to document as many of them as we possibly can – an A to Z documentation of the naked red men, the yeastie girls, the cans, the Fleshed show, the prisms, what Julia Made, the rust, the leaves, the vinyl, the bodies, the trips to the seaside, to Folkestone, Liverpool, the Apple Cart, the art car boot fairs, the Fate Worse Than Death, the Free Art Fridays, the art on the street, the street art, the contemporary art, the projections, te man with his cans, the colours, the triumphs, the failures, the frustrations, the battles, the red show, the pink show, the black show, the spring show, the people who came in, the Cockney foot Model, Tony Two Vans, the performances, the projections, the discoveries, the mistakes, the whole damn lot….. A proper full stop at the end of what was a thrilling three year long chapter.

Shoes in the gallery

Shoes in the gallery

I expect we’ll feature about two hundred or so of the artists who took part, some will be featured in depth, some with maybe just one or two photos, some in the shots of the shows, lots of crowds shots, photos from the openings, we’ll start leaking out a page or two on line over the next few weeks. We hope to have it out by the end of March, all very much on schedule right now. The key of course is the funding (you knew that bit was coming didn’t you)

shoesinthegallery5So, the funding then…, Question is, do you want a book? We want a book, do you want a book? If we did the crowd funding thing would you get involved? Would you commit £20 and buy a book in advance? Would you pay a bit more for say a printing plate or a proof of a page to frame along with the book or if it came with an original piece of art from one of the artists involved. Or would you maybe donate a couple of pound to just help make it happen? The way fundraising works is we set a target, you commit to buy a copy of the book, but you don’t make the payment until we have the full amount needed to print it is actually committed and the project is one hundred percent guaranteed to be happening. We can’t really do it without you, bit like Cultivate has always been and always will be really… are you with us? Do you want the book to happen? Be good ot know what you think.

shoesinthegallery35Enough about the book already, what about 2015? Well, we’re working on things right now. Besides the book, we’re working on new Cultivate events and one off shows, we’ve been offered one or two new spaces but it has to be the right space in the right place at the right time (and for the right price). We’re plotting away, we have irons in fires, don’t want to have too many irons in the fire, We’ll be back in about five minutes, watch this space, almost time for the next chapter, we expect there will be quite a few new chapters and a few more books before all this is over, well hopefully, all being well, we’d like to think there will be…

Thanks for all the interest and support in 2014, have a creative new year, and a productive proactive 2015, all about getting involved really. And do let us know about the book….


Kickstarting the Cultivate book any moment now…

Really positive meeting at the printers today, we’ll hopefully be kickstarting the Cultivate book any moment now. Three years of running an artist led space right in the middle of the thing that was Vyner Street. An A to Z of the artists, the art, the shows, the events, the tales, the colour, the people, the street, the dirt and more… a great big book documenting the three year adventure….




ah_xmasbazaar02A Cultivate update? So what’s going on? We’re busy plotting things for 2015, right now, the immediate news is that some of us Cultivate artists will be having what is probably our last art outing of the year at the ANGUS HUGHES GALLERY XMAS BAZAAR on the borders of Lower Clapton and Hackney, up in London, E5. Emma Harvey, Julia Maddison and myself (Sean Worrall) will be joining a quite substantial list of artists at that the rather beautiful gallery for an opening night this Friday evening, Friday December12th, 6pm until 9pm – and then open every day until Sunday December 21st

ARTIST XMAS BAZAAR at the Angus-Hughes Gallery, 26 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5.0PD.

 “As a challenge the gallery is asking artists to make work that can be sold between £3 and £60, it is a reaction against the high costs of xmas, and how impersonal it has become. The work will not necessarily have to have an xmas feel, it just needs to be something that someone would like to receive, Work will be hung on the wall and there will be two trestle tables for artist’s books and misc items. Expect lots of gift-flavoured creativity in the shape of original paintings, prints, cards, zines, drawings, ” multiples in any medium to sell inexpensively”



Expect art on sale in multiples of three, all about the threes like it is on the tree… art prices at £6, £9, £12, £15, £18, £21 all the up to £60….



SEAN WORRALL @ Angus Hughes Gallery

NEXT SHOWS, CULTIVATE – THE BOOK AND…. Meanwhile, we’re up to things, the next stage in terms of Cultivate is coming together, the book is coming together, new shows are being planned. We’ve moved on from Vyner Street now, Cultivate was always more of an evolving idea that a specific place, a way of thinking, more than just another gallery.  We’re at work on new shows and events in a variety of spaces and places, expect more news sometime very soon.  The book is shaping up to be an A-Z reflection of three years of Cultivate’s time in Vyner Street, a look at the art, the artists who joined in, the people, the shows, the shoes, the street and more… We’ll be contacting you artists in person soon, we want to get it all documented and celebrated. more on the book and the next shows soon….

Hopefully see some of you at the Xmas Bazaar. More news on the book, the next shows and everything else very soon, Big thanks and a happy Solstice, Christmas or whatever you choose to celebrate at this time of year


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Some of the art you can expect to see at the ARTIST XMAS BAZAAR, click on an image to enlarge or run the slideshow