aaa_cultevolved_dogshowWell we had a great time at the Victoria Park dog show yesterday.  The invitation to take part was a follow up to our Cultivate collaborations (well mostly Emma Harvey’s collaborations) with All Dogs Matter for the dog-themed Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair earlier this year.  Yesterday we spent the day in the sunshine with a gazebo, a table full of art, a bag of dog biscuits, some spray cans, some recycled cardboard, and some recent canvas paintings.  Good to get out of the art bubble and engage, and as brilliant as things like going to Margate or Liverpool or Folkestone with the Art Car Boot Fair is in terms of engaging and getting out of the gallery, it is still the art bubble.  Yesterday was brilliant, yesterday was fun, yesterday was engaging with people in a different bubble, loads of good conversations, loads of good chat about how “oh art galleries aren’t for me, I don’t get all that stuff”, lots of dogs, lots of smiles and “what is that really about, I just don’t get it?”.  Not for one second do we think art should be “dumbed down”, and yes, we love a white cube as much as anyone, but surely art really should engage now and again? Surely art should take a moment once in a while to reach beyond the various art crowds? The car park takeovers and the Chinese Opens and such are fine, surely it does sometimes need to reach beyond the insular feeling you get in those spaces though .  We enjoyed yesterday, dog biscuit roulette is fun, dogs always liked coming in through our open Vyner street corner door, we loved taken it to the dogs yesterday, all dogs, and indeed all people, matter.

And while we’re here, couple of parish noticeboard type notices.  First up, yer man Stik has a rather impressively worthy charity print release happening this week…

Street Artist Stik to raise £50,000 for NHS hospital. Here comes the press release – “International Street Artist Stik is known across the globe from New York to Tokyo and his work hangs in some of the world’s most prestigious collections but his latest print ‘Sleeping Baby’ is being launched in his local NHS hospital.


All proceeds will go to the Homerton Hospital Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (RNRU) Creative Media Room. The Trust offers long stay patients with acquired and traumatic brain injuries the chance to explore interactive art workshops as part of their rehabilitation and recovery. Funds will actively enable the Trust to develop and expand an arts workshop service for the ECU (Elderly Care Unit) specially formulated for people with dementia”.

‘We created the NHS and will not let it be sold off. We have been left holding the baby and we are going to protect it’ -Stik

‘This is an incredible act of generosity from Stik. His support will enable us to expand and develop our arts programme for patients, staff and visitors’ – Art Curator Shaun Caton.


The 112cm x 85cm hand-pulled silkscreen print (on Somerset Paper) is called Sleeping Baby. The print comes in four editions of 25 – a red edition, a yellow one, a silver one and an NHS Blue Edition. A total on one hundred prints, sold on a strictly ‘First Come First Served’ basis on Thursday 24th September 2015 (5-8pm) at the The Education Centre, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust., Homerton Row, London E9 6SR Here’s the link for more details or to Stik’s own website


Spill Your Guts is an exhibition opening at The Underdog gallery on Friday 2nd October. An exhibition of artwork to honour the life of Ish Sahotay. The Six Artists of varied disciplines and styles have been invited to spill their creative guts over the walls of Underdog gallery culminating in an outpouring of street art, photography , live painting, and video work.

Featured artists are Charlie Mcfarley, Mikey Brain, Teddy Baden, Ish Sahotay, Seapuppy and Trav. The opening night also features an after party hosted by Road to Nowhere. (labyrinth SGP). Live painting by a host of different street artists will be taking place on the opening night and continued over the course of the opening weekend, sat 3rd & sun 4th Oct (12 until 5pm).and the show runs from the 3rd until the 9th October, The Spill Your Guts exhibition was originally conceived by artists Charlie Mcfarley and good friend Ish Sahotay before his tragic and untimely passing in July. “This exhibition is our salute to a fallen comrade” so said Charlie.

The Underdog gallery is at Arch 6, Crucifix lane, London, SE1 3JW, Opening night is on Friday 2nd October , 6pm until 9pm, the show then runs until 9th October, the Underdog Gallery opening hours are Sat/Sun 12-5pm and weekdays 11am – 7pm. More from the Underdog website

Victoria Park Dog Show

Cultivate – Dog biscuit roulette at the Victoria Park Dog Show


Glorious Shame, Emma Harvey at Gallery X, Dublin, with the Hysterical Women Collective…

evh_dublinflyerThis Friday night Cultivate co-founder Emma Harvey features as part of a group show called Glorious Shame. The show runs from September 18th until October 16th at Gallery X over in Dublin (Ireland)  The show is called “Glorious Shame” and is brought to you by the Hysterical Woman collective  – “Scandalous secrets are revealed and glorified. The shameful is revered. Taboos are sanctified. Come and stare into the darkest corners of your mind”. so they say.

The show also features Cultivate regular Julia Maddison as well at Alexandra Unger, recently seen in Cultivate’s Play show over in London Fields. .

Hysterical Women is an international art collective based in London. The Show will “artworks ranging from painting, sculpture, collage, installation to printmaking, this exhibition promises to free you from your inhibitions”.  Featuring art by:Alexandra Unger, Anna Lewenhaupt, Emma Harvey, Indrani Ashe, Marcela Iriarte, Julia Maddison and Suzann Kundi. The show will open on Culture Night with a performance by Alexandra Unger.

The Posters, featuring an Emma Harvey painting, one from her Fleshed series, on the Dublin streets, look good. For more details on the Fleshed series that first appeared in a solo show in Cultivate in late 2013 go here   (SW)


play_sun30Alexandra Unger, as recently seen,  in the foreground, at Cultivate’s Play show over in London Fields. .




Cultivate goes to the dogs….

alldogs_vicparkWe shall be taking a Cultivate art stall to the All Dogs Matter Victoria Park Dog show this coming Sunday (September 20th).

Open doors and engaging and being part of the local community has always been an important part of Cultivate, we did some work with All Dogs Matter at this year’s Art Car Boot Fair and we’re delighted to have been invited to take part in the dog show in Victoria Park this Sunday.

We shall have a stall full of affordable art, some of dog related, 50% of all sales will be donated to All Dogs Matter. Here’s a link to a piece by Emma Harvey that we posted here ahead of the Art Car Boot Fair

The All Dogs Matter Facebook event page is here, the show starts at 11am and runs until 4pm, all kinds of dog related events  “It will be an afternoon of Dog Show fun, all in aid of All Dogs Matter! Plus a Raffle and Tombola, free microchipping vouchers (for residents of the borough), scanning AND advice PLUS lots of stalls with all things ‘DOG’!


Dog Eat Dog (Emma Harvey)

Dog Eat Dog (Emma Harvey)

ALL DOGS MATTER with Cultivate at the Art Car Boot Fair

ALL DOGS MATTER with Cultivate at the Art Car Boot Fair



Art Car Boot Fair, Margate, a little bit more than an hot dog…

Some thoughts on the Margate leg of the Art Car Boot Fair from the Organ pages, the review went up a couple of days after the event. We had a great day…




A little bit more than an hot dog…

A day at the The Seaside (capital T, capital S). It’s still there, in our memories, or our imagined memories. Going on a jet plane to a Beach is not The Seaside. The Seaside comes with challenges and history and a whole bunch of details and experiences that you don’t get anywhere else. It’s a gamble, for a start: what if it rains? Luck is everything.
At The Seaside, luck brings you sunny days, pretty shells, a win at bingo. Luck might also cause a whole set of strange circumstances to coincide, maybe a century of wear and tear that gets you sea glass. A bit more of a century of wear and tear gives you Margate, a pebble of sea glass left behind by a tide of holidaymakers who got on jet planes.
The thing is, lots of interesting things can be found in the tide line. Margate had the light and space and lack of attention to allow some artists to do their thing without hindrance. Off they went on the tide, and came back on the next one, bringing a gallery and a desire to restore, energise, cherish the place. Why bother? Because English seaside towns are unique, and they’re not perfect or easy places, and you get out of them what you bring to them. You don’t go to The Seaside to spend money (though goodness knows the seaside towns need it), but paddle and make sandcastles and poke around rock pools and get joy out of things that can’t easily be explained. Which brings us to the Margate Art Car Boot Fair.



Anybody who thinks the Art Car Boot Fair, particularly this Margate edition, is all about money, is a cynical knotted hanky-wearing old grump who needs to get in the sea, preferably at high tide and during a gale. Yes, there’s a queue for the Big Names at these things, and yes, people are there because bargains, because ebay, because ooh look there’s a famous person etc etc. And then the queues calm down and the families and dogs and curious and the arty eccentrics mingle and stare and laugh and a sweet and funny and unique day out is had by all. Can we please, please, have a little more focus, by the redoubtable journalists of our land, upon the less famous purveyors of art who make up the stalls of the ACBF each year, rain or shine? And the peripheral madness such as the Alternative Ministry Of Transport with their treadmill-driven monstrosities, or the galleries in garden sheds, the live screen printing, the performance art, the pin the tail on the artwork and the great little paintings that you have to dig through crates and lift into the light to appreciate… the gutsy ceramics, the bookshop in a caravan, the unknown local artists that the ACBF always try to include in their non-London outings.

Going back to the Big Names: Tracey Emin and Peter Blake had the biggest queues, and spent the first few hours on their stalls, signing away and engaging with people. I noticed Tracey taking a lot of time to chat, and people clutching the ceramics they bought off her as if – heaven forbid – they really, really wanted them, just to treat themselves. No ebay involved.



Let’s not fail to notice what the kids are doing – they’re nagging their parents to buy paintings they like, or having a go at printing, or watching the little girl who has her own stall and is selling her own paintings. And the things that aren’t free to do or watch are ridiculously cheap. Oh, I can hear that cynical voice right there as I type this, that drizzle of superiority that crushes, that doesn’t get it. Well, in the sea with you. It’s not perfect, but the quality is there, the spirit is there, and it’s up to you whether you engage and enjoy and appreciate it. We love it. It’s your loss, mate.

The trouble with and the best thing about The Seaside is that you have to experience it to love it. (Marina Organ)

Click on an image to enlarge or run the seaside slideshow and the photos direct from the Cultivate boot….

Margate, Organised, the full list of confirmed artists taking part…

Cultivated? Well of course, but are you Organised? We blog about Cultivate related things here – event, shows, Cultivate artists, we blog about art, music and many other shades of underculture over on the Organ pages. Here’s one from a couple of days ago;  Organ Thing: Start the riot, painter Kim Leutwyler, activist Ollie Henderson and the Archibald Art Prize 2015… A post goes up on the Organ pages most days, a thing of the day, a piece of art, a gallery review, a piece of music, a painter, an event, an opinion….Organ, digging it out and sharing it with you…

MORE ON MARGATE….  The full list of artists has now been announced… here’s the official Art Car Boot Fair press release….


Rendezvous with us and over 100 artists and performers at Rendezvous Margate outside Turner Contemporary, under the Turner-esque skies of Thanet, in between the Dover Straits and David Chipperfield’s facade, flanked by the RNLI lifeboat station and the Harbour Arm of Margate’s fair seafront.

We’ve got (literally) shed loads of art, airstreams full of it, crates stacked high, beach hut art substations and, of course, car boots popping with originals, editions and startling curiosities. In between and amongst it all will be parades of knitted-swimsuit clad people, exhausted drag queens, men sporting loin cloths and powering strange Methods of Alternative Transport, the Clowns of Jestminster, Tracey Emin calling a charity raffle, Dreamboys and Dreamgirls and to celebrate our Year of the Dog there’ll be hot dogs, black dogs, cool hounds, four legged art and an actual dog show, partly taking place in a vintage Vauxhall Viva car boot.

We’re also bringing Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura featuring bands of Holy Joy and cool, punkish delights from Ray Gun plus the excitingly nautically named Orlando Seale and the Swells…whole cabaret line-up to be announced next week…..

Follow us on instagram to see what’s going to be on offer so you can plan your art buying in advance! This is the day that artists do business directly with their public at unbelievable prices, come and haggle with them, chat to them, make your own mongrel copies of their art with The Copy Shop and get them to sign it! It’s all possible at the one and only ART CAR BOOT FAIR – bought to you by Ashton Hayward in association with Turner Contemporary and courtesy of our vintage (12 years and counting) sponsor Vauxhall Motors and for the first time with the added support of the  Arts Council of England

As well as the Art Car Boot Fair, Margate’s August Bank Holiday line-up is simply staggering – amongst it all don’t miss Sink the Pink on Saturday night, a chance to catch ‘Provincial Punk’  Grayson Perry at Turner Contemporary all weekend, Margate Tribes and Kent Pride,  plus the pure joy to be had by jumping on (and off) the rides at Dreamland There’s something for everyone and so much more besides….

aaa_culticarboot_margateThe Art Car Boot Fair/Margate Full Line Up:

Tracey Emin & Emin International  · Gavin Turk · Vic Reeves and Michael Hogben · Rachel Howard · True Rocks· Holly Allan· Jessica Albarn · Lizzy Rose & Kate Hare · Crate including Charley Vine and Leigh Clarke · Limbo including Paul Hazelton, David Price, Tessa Farmer, Steve McPherson, Tasha Marks (AVM Curiosities), Sarah Wicks, Sarah Craske and Katie Welsford · Resort including Dan Chilcott , Charlie Evarist Boyce, Crowther/Plant, Jo Elbourne and Jason Pay, Kate Harrison, Steve Ibb, Nick Morley,  Heidi Plant, Julia Riddiough, Sara Wicks, Rachel Wilberforce, Leise Wilson and Angeli Yara · Bon Volk Studios · Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton · Nicole Mollet and the Kent Cultural Baton · Tom Thumb Theatre and Jessica Jordan-Wrench · BeDRAGgled from Amy Redmond / SINK The PINK · Sir Peter Blake  (TBC) · Soul Fast Food · Kristjana S Williams · Moniker Projects · Turps Painters · Bumble and Earwig · Alice Herrick & Keelertornero · Hantverk & Found with C.A.Halpin, Angela Frederico, Tom Swift, Jason Pay, Sam Zine · Alteria Art · Binnie Sisters · Wilma Johnston · Silvia Ziranek · Dolores De Sade · Marty Thornton · Art on a Postcard with Rankin, Robert James Clarke, Ray Richardson, Dougie Wallace, Hayden Kays, Cosmo Sarsen, Margo Bowman and Benjamin Murphy for the Hepatitis C Trust  · David J Batchelor · Frances Richardson · Jake Clarke · Kate Knight · Joseph Gibson · The Juncture ·Andrew Cunningham · Cultivate feat. Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent and Julia Maddison · Dylans Mobile Book Store · Francis Thornburn· Swifty ·Lucy Soni · Jealous Gallery · Club Shepway · Paul Sakoilsky · Mark Jones · X-ray Fog, Ian Dawson and The Copy Shop

Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura presents the Daylight Cabaret/ Margate Edition! Including: Johnny Brown and the Holy Joy Scrap and Salvage Movement, Kria, RayGun, Otis Coulter and Orlando Seale and the Swell plus special guests, lots.


Off to Margate, we’ll have a beer and go on pier…

aaa_culticarboot_margateWhere? What? Who? when? Haven’t posted here for a bit, been busy “dropping” things and such.  I don’t know, I thought the Play show was a positive thing, an exciting thing, a defiant thing. it felt like a last stand in so many ways, the last playground, the end of a big chapter (we were rather pleased Darren Coffield and his vital documentation of Joshua Compston was a part of Play).

We enjoyed Play, of course we did. of course some of it was stressful, putting on a big show always is. Play was about unity, about artists coming together to make things happen on something near our terms. We loved the buzz of the Play weekend (it went mostly uncovered by the so called London art media of course, but then we expected that will be the case – “we need at least two month’s warning and you need to pay” said one London art website that claims to be run by artists for artists), we expected the media to mostly ignore Play (big thanks to Whitesao, they did turn up). What we didn’t expect was the almost laughable backlash from artists, we started to notice it before hand, a couple of mysterious pull outs, a couple of no shows, seems some of what we’re saying and doing is stepping on a toe or two, we’re a “threat”, I need to just “shut up”, seems Organ coverage is not welcome either, having an opinion or seeing things a little differently or asking a question or two is not welcome and well, the main thing we’ve found post Play is that artists, on the whole, are a rather conservative lot and if you do dare to ask a question or two about how things work then doors are going to be closed. Enough of all that, we didn’t come here for all this today, only came here this morning to invite you to the seaside, came here with news of seaside treats, ice cream, and goings off and things in Margate at the end of the month…

Cultivate, in the shape of myself (Sean Worrall), Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent, Julia Maddison and maybe a guest artist or two, will be heading to the seaside and Margate with the Art Car Boot Fair… (SW)

Cultivate artists off to the seaside, four of us this time (well five, Quiet British Accent are two)  The Art Car Boot Fair, Margate Edition with the Turner Contemporary Sunday August 30, 12-4pm, £3 entry

“Lured by the sea, the light, the tradition, the eccentric and the eclectic and thanks to the generous invitation of Turner Contemporary, we will be rolling into town this August Bank Holiday with the artworld’s most exuberant event. Margate, former home and inspiration to both Turner and Emin, quintessential seaside town and freshly buzzing with vibrancy and a sense of adventure – it’s the perfect place to bring the Art Car Boot Fair! Our car boots will overflow with local and London talents including exciting new collaborations with Margate based independents, Resort, Crate and Limbo and many other individual artists and performers who’ll bringing beach huts, matt black caravans, The Kent Cultural Baton, an ex-Nato campervan turned Camera Obscura, maybe the odd Bathing Machine to boot….plus a full 3 hour cabaret from Cabaret Futura’s inimitable Richard Strange and there’ll be lots of random performances and happenings besides…and fresh from success at our London event in June we’re delighted to bring The Dog in a Vintage Vauxhall Viva Boot Show!”

We’re off to Margate, we’re doing things our way, bring your buckets and spades, we’ll have a beer and go on pier…

Artist cash cows funding their holidays, brand new boutique developments and…



Summer holiday time, I see some of those galleries and organisations who really should know better are once again turning to their artist cash cows to pay for their holidays again. I’m getting to a point now where I’m starting to think well it serves you artists right. How much does it cost to open an e.mail?  Let’s say it again, as working artists we have no problem with sharing reasonable costs of a show that we’re actually taking part in, but it really is far far too easy for curators and organisations to exploit artists with these pay just to submit an e.mail to an open call scams. And the thing is, these shows are very rarely any good, the cynics who put these shows on never really do the things they claim they’re going to do, they’re all about exploiting new young artists who don’t know the score, we’ve said enough about it already, too many of you artists who have been around long enough to know better happy to support these things….

So anyway, no summer holiday for us, these are busy times. I think we can say the Warehouse show went well, lots of people, art, cross-pollination and artists coming together to do it ourselves and make it happen. Couple of weeks on from Play now and still feeling it was alright, yeah, it was alright, as was this year’s Art Car Boot Fair down Brick Lane, and last weekend’s Hackney WickED events over on Fish Island – words and images from Hackney WickEd here on the Organ pages.  .



Vyner Street

What are we doing next? Well besides registering an interest in buying a private luxury apartment in a brand new boutique development down on that building site in the middle of Vyner Street (maybe we should do an artist open call to fund our interest? £20 to submit and image via e.mail, what do you think?). So anyway, we’re doing things, swan like feet are working away underneath our calm serene surface.  More soon, including the Margate leg of the Art Car Boot Fair. Watch this space and don’t be fooled in to thinking you have to be a cash cow, I think Play proved we can do it a different more artist-friendly way.



more in a bit….